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 Funwar vs. TMCM (WIN)

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Funwar vs. TMCM (WIN) Empty
PostSubject: Funwar vs. TMCM (WIN)   Funwar vs. TMCM (WIN) EmptyMon Jan 03, 2011 11:46 am

WIN OF 3 - 1

Yea we were waiting for GC to get a server and we waitied for fully 20min. They all left xfire so we were bored. I asked Huggie does he want to have a funwar with us and yea he accepted it since they had a CW 5min ago. We played Royals.

We were just ossum. Even tough we were lucky. TMCM is a great clan and we didint think that they will be soo good!
1. Round of CC we won 1-0 xD, it was their lead from 14-4 and yea we managed to die only 3 times and kill 14 of them Smile
Others were also pretty intense.

Problem with us is that we dont finish what we started. We start shooting a guy, then another leaving the guy with low HP.

Afterall we win and that was a fun clanwar!

Funwar vs. TMCM (WIN) Admini13
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Funwar vs. TMCM (WIN)
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